7 Easy Tips to Make a Great LinkedIn Profile

How to stand out from the crowd and instantly connect with profile browsers.

LinkedIn Profile Tip #1

Chavy Helfgott is an experienced, skilled, superb copywriter. She is also very humble.

Perhaps that is why she has a hard time referring to herself as "I"? She also might not realize that a LinkedIn profile is not a CV or resume - it's the opening conversation between herself and all her potential connections. 

Now that she knows this, she will quickly take her dedicated, detail oriented, team player self to change her profile summary to first person. And she will not say, "I have a demonstrated history of goal setting."

LinkedIn Profile Tip #2

Kill the official title.

Your profile = your personal landing page. So the same rules that exist for home page copy apply to your LinkedIn profile.

Don't tell me what you do. Tell me what BENEFIT I'll get from working with you. And saying "Car Insurance Salesperson" or "CEO of CleanBright" tells me nothing. Tell me "Save thousands of dollars in car repairs". Tell me "Keep your employees happy with a clean office space."

So let me ask you - how can you help me? Your answer to that question should be your headline.

IF your title is something very specific, i.e. Pediatric Dietitian, you should include it in your headline. It's great for helping you appear in searches for that niche. Even then, though, you should insert a dividing line (|) after the title and add the benefit. For example, "Help your child stay healthy despite dietary restrictions."

But if you are the CEO or salesperson of a small company, or a solopreneur, an official title just won’t cut it.

LinkedIn Profile Tip #3

I'm a jack-of-all-trades (so I'm probably a master of none.) That's why I included literally every skill I can vaguely connect to my career. I mean, aren't more skills always a plus?

Uh uh. Try this instead. "I have specific skills that will help YOU accomplish THIS. Since I understand your time is limited, I won't subject you to an irrelevant list of skills that have little connection to your goals."

In short: Make sure everything included in your summary has direct relevance to what you do. The only exception is one or two small snippets of personal information that will help develop a deeper connection between you and potential clients.

LinkedIn Profile Tip #4

Don't we all LOOOVE to read long blocks of text? Especially when we know it's just someone telling us how great they are? Yeah - no one loves that. Unbroken paragraphs scare people off. Solution? 

✔ Bullet points

✔ 2-3 sentences per paragraph

✔ Short Q&As

👉💭🌋 Emojis!!! 🚀🌟🔀

Make sure it's something YOU would read if you were on a busy schedule.

LinkedIn Profile Tip #5

Remind me why I need you.

Go straight to all the super-duper things you do? You're gonna lose me.

"Sounds great, would be nice if I could have this. But I'm not going to shell out money right now." That's NOT what you want your potential client to think.

You need to agitate. Remind them WHY they really, really need your solution.

Are you an IT consultant? Remind them about all the headache-inducing tech problems they have. In vivid detail. 

Are you a relationship coach? Remind them about all the difficult relationships in their life. The ones that really hurt.

NOW you can swoop in with your solution. And you'll be the long-awaited savior they must contact to get rid of their pain.

LinkedIn Profile Tip #6

Give me details.

Anyone can claim to be fast. Or responsive. Or easy to work with. What will make me believe you? If you outline EXACTLY what it will be like to work with you (or use your product).

You're a service provider? Give a step-by-step breakdown of what will happen after I reach out to you. You're selling a product? Tell me when and how I'll get the product and what to do with it when I get it.

The proof is NOT in the pudding - it's in the details.

LinkedIn Profile Tip #7

Tell me what to do.

After you've finished telling me how awesome your offering is, don't just leave me hanging. Put a clear CTA (call to action) right at the bottom.


This reminds me what I need to do if I want to get your solution. Tell me to call you. Or email you. Or schedule an appointment.

Otherwise? You'll be like an e-commerce site where you can't add the product to a shopping cart.

And NOW you can sign off.

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Chavy Helfgott