Those poor, poor lock-breakers...

My 2-year-old loved locks. Obsessively. Nearly as much as he liked candy.

So much so that he locked his beloved mother out of the apartment

And I had to call Chaverim (a community volunteer service for non-medical emergencies), to rescue me.

The guy rushed in with his bag of tools, and I relaxed against the wall, ready to rush in and dump that boy into time out.

Not. So. Fast.

Mr Chaverim - we'll call him Yanky - fiddled with the lock for two minutes, then cleared his throat.

"This kind of lock needs a tool that I don't have. I'm gonna have to call for backup."

I'll spare you the details. But in the end it took four (!) men to get it open - and they had to SAW the entire lock off the door.

Those poor guys. They thought they were coming to do an easy shmeezy lock opening. Instead? They got a full-fledged extraction mission.

The point of this story? Making a new sale can be tougher than opening that lock.

Even getting the prospect to pay attention to you can be harder than ending a toddler's tantrum. And that's saying something.

What if there was a way to get the attention of even the busiest CFO? The one you've been dreaming about since last year?

It is possible.

And that's without bribing your wife's cousins uncle who's the CFO's neighbor to set up an accidental" meeting with him in the produce aisle on Thursday night.

How? It's called an email pitch.

"Whaaat!" You're thinking, "That's the big reveal? I've tried emails dozens of times and they're usually placed right in trash."

Yeah, but that's just 'cuz you're sending the wrong kinds of emails.

Let me take a guess:


It was wonderful meeting you at the Yawningly Boring National Stuffy Executives Show.

As I mentioned then, Awesome Services offers several programs that would be of tremendous benefit to your company.

When can we hop on a call to discuss this more?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Annoy U. Salesguy

That's pretty much what you send, right? Right?

See, I know what I'm talking about.

And I know that when you're talking about busy executives with overflowing inboxes, you've gotta do things a little differently to get a good response rate.

Sounds daunting? Halt your worries right there. I've dedicated the last couple of months to learning just how to write emails that get opened, read, and responded to.

From email geniuses like Joanna Wiebbe and Laura Belgray.

What does this have to do with you?

I'm going to let YOU pick my brains. Get my email skills increasing YOUR monthly commission check. By a lot.

I'll be offering my new OPEN-CLICK™️ package exclusively to salespeople. Each package gets you:

  • Detailed research session on your top potential prospect and the sale you want to offer him

  • 3-email series reaching out to him: initial email, follow up, and final

  • A written walkthrough of the methods I used in the email so that you can replicate it in future emails - for free

Don't just be tempted. Shoot me a message here.

Let's start getting all those dream prospects grabbing the phone to call you.

P.S. Still not sure? The “cold” emails I send for my own business have an open rate of 95%. The national average open rate? It’s 14-23%. 

Chavy Helfgott