You wanna know all the nitty, gritty details

And here they are!


Animate It!™️

Get the most out of your advertising dollars by laying a firm foundation for your brand. In simple words - let’s bring you to life!

This package gets you:

Onboarding session

Initial questionnaire

60 minute call honing in on your USP and target market

Comprehensive Voice of Customer research

Detailed survey for your best customers

Data mining from reviews on your site and competitor sites

Brand Positioning and Voice Guide

A comprehensive, multiple-page guide that clearly outlines:

  • What you make/do

  • Why you make/do it

  • What makes you unique

  • Core benefits

  • Customer persona

  • What customers want from you

  • Your voice

  • The ideal visuals to match your voice

  • Specific examples of how all your communications should sounds, including a do/do not list.

  • Content guide

  • Company tagline and subheading

  • Set of mottoes/one liners summarizing your company values

Advertising Jumpstart:

A series of 6 ads introducing your brand

PLUS! Free Bonus Social Media Bio

A short bio/elevator pitch, adapted for up to 4 social media platforms

Product pop™️

Get web copy & product descriptions that get people to click “Buy Now” BEFORE they double check the account balance.

🔎 Research
💹 Strategy
📝 Bouncing, colorful copy that makes them instantly like your brand & pulls them to the buy button



Get your email open & click rate SOARING.

Series of 6 emails