They think your offer is totally irrelevant. Here's how to get them to buy.

May 30, 2024

"Click" goes the seat belt.

I adjust the mirrors and shift into drive. Then I pause and turn to the woman in the passengers seat.

"I've been working towards this moment for 13 years. It's a big deal for me."

She smiles. "Yeah, it gets harder the longer you wait, the older you get. You kind of lose your confidence.

"I nod. "Exactly. But I think I'm ready. "

What was I ready for? If you haven't guessed yet - that was a snippet from my road test. Yup. After more than a decade of "driving-phobia" and dreaming of the day when self-driving cars would go mainstream (never?), I finally got my driver's license.

Now, if you were a driving instructor trying to get my business over the last few years, the standard ads wouldn't have worked.

- "90% pass rate on student road tests"

- "Learn to drive in just 4 weeks"

- "Stop relying on Uber."

Those are all decent lines highlighting benefits, features, authority and pain points.

But none of those would have helped me bite the bullet -

because what I needed was something that would address my rational/irrational fears.

Something that would make me feel that I was capable of learning to drive, even if I felt like a clumsy, clueless navigator.

Imagine if an innovative driving school had run the below campaign five years ago, though...

I might have learned how to drive earlier 😅

What you can learn from this

If you're struggling to drive sales up, maybe you need to target people who aren't your audience - yet. People who COULD be your audience, if they only knew it.

- Sell gym equipment? Talk to people who are convinced they have not a single spare moment or ounce of energy to exercise.

- Sell a line of bright, quirky couches? Talk to shticky businessmen who think they need stuffy dark brown leather sofas in their office to impress rich clients.

Without telling them directly, demonstrate how you GET their fears and desires. Leave off in a way that lets their mind reach the inevitable conclusion - that you offer a new and fresh way to approach one aspect of their life.

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