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online selling is like a never-ending marathon.

You drown your list with email campaigns. Or maybe you try Facebook ads. You may even have hired a marketing agency.

But sales are still craaawling like a snail with an overloaded shell. And it’s no surprise.


the consumers you want to reach have thousands of options at their fingertips - literally.

And you’re still “just another brand”

You don’t just want sales.

You want loyalty. You want fans. You want customers who look for you even when your competitor is selling at half price!

Grab a chair, my friend - because it’s possible.

become the only option.

Let your competitors churn out more pretty ads that tout feature after feature.

Let them keep shelling out thousands on PPC ad campaigns.

YOU’LL make your customers sit up and say, “Hey! This brand is my friend.”

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hello there!
I’m chavy

And I’m gonna get your target market obsessed with your brand - and buying all your products.


  • By showing the customers “We GET YOU”

  • By demonstrating that YOUR products are uniquely positioned to solve THEIR problems.

  • By creating a charismatic, likable brand that they love to interact with   


Increase your bottom line!

Chavy understands what her client’s needs are and has an extremely efficient process. Just to give you an idea of the results I got when Chavy revamped my profile.

-Profile views up 200%

-1000 new connections in the past 30 days

-6 New deals just in the last 4 days!

Reach out to Chavy today and increase your bottom line.”                

David Loketch, Rosdev Capital Funding

STOP fighting to get your Google Ads higher on the page

START creating messaging so targeted it pulls people to buy - even when you’re not the featured ad.

get there with:

animate it

Your consumer base is drowning in a deluge of product choices. Why should they pick you?

Get a distinctive voice & personality for your product or brand that STANDS OUT like a seven foot basketball player at a kindergarten birthday party.

power up

Your website is your sales guy that’s always on call. Is he ready for all those callers?

Get a site with words that get people to click “Buy Now” BEFORE they double check the account balance.

product pop

Don’t just tell them what your product does. Tell them how it will make their life better!

Make your products irresistible with research based, targeted product descriptions and listings.

My clients are SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS. (C’mon - don’t you wanna be on this list?)

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Yonah Weiss

Madison SPECS

Chavy is a marketer’s dream

Chavy is a marketer’s dream. She consistently produces extremely high-quality copy that is compelling to read. Chavy also does not hesitate to provide revisions with a genuine smile, taking edits and feedback with composure and vigor. Her strength lies in finding the consumer entry-point to a product and generating lines with really meaty hooks. I couldn’t recommend her more strongly.

Why work with me?

know what’s going on

I don’t saunter into meetings with vague ideas, misty outlines, and foggy notions.

With my clearly laid out processes, you’ll know what to expect every step of the way.

stick to your budget

No more “Oh-in-the-end-it-took-me-327-hours-and-it-will-be-$#&*%^?@-dollars” sticker shock.

Flat package rates mean you know in advance what your investment will be.

I’m the Energizer.

(Not Energizer Bunny. Energizer Copywriter.)

It’s not just my words – you get my passion. My dreams. My hopes….okay, okay, I got carried away. Point is, I get excited over every project.

Have fun!

You’ve already sweated through buckets of Advil getting your products ready for sale. THIS part of the process will be fun.

YEE-HAW! Who doesn’t like fun? (If you don’t, then I don’t even want you as my client. So there.)


Listen, i’m not a show off. But….

joseph hoffman.jpg

Joseph Hoffman


Keen sense of the Bigger picture

“We have worked with Chavy on numerous branding and web projects. Working with her is always a pleasure. She is a remarkably creative and inventive copywriter with a fantastic sense of what’s needed and a keen sense of what's coming next in the bigger picture. I highly recommend her as both a writer and creative strategist.” 



I’ll take your business seriously – because I take mine seriously.

I’m always learning from the wizards in the field. And that means YOU get the latest in marketing strategy incorporated in your copy.

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Selling stuff like crazy in 2019 IS possible.
Even if you’re not Geico or Nike. Let’s do it.


Hey looky! You kept on reading till the bottom of the page. Now let’s get people glued to YOUR stuff.